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Coach John Zima, the owner of Kick It, provides individual and group kicking and punting coaching.  The Kick It program is open to middle school, high school and college athletes.  We coach novice and experienced kickers for both soccer-style and straight-on kickers. Soccer players who have never played football are welcomed. The Kick It program starts with the fundamentals to develop the skill set of the novice specialist.  We are structured to work with experienced high school and college players to improve accuracy, technique and distance to your field goals, kickoffs and punts. The program goes beyond coaching as Coach Zima will supervise your off-season training programs such as building body mass, power and explosive lifting for kicking purposes.  We have a full schedule of winter indoor kicking clinics to improve your game.  In season, Coach Zima can evaluate your game film for feedback and coaching points to polish your performance. To bring your game full circle, Kick It can provide you a recruiting service through Be The Best Recruiting Services . We supervise your recruiting process to help you properly market yourself and find the right school for you based on your major and skill.  


If you have a desire and commitment to obtain the highest level of kicking and punting, then the Kick It program will take you to your next level of success.

Understand that this program is a 365 day commitment to excellence. I take a structured professional approach to your training, increasing your knowledge and skills of the kicking game and mentoring you throughout the entire year.

One of my favorite mantras is "BE THE BEST"! I only work with those players who have set a goal for themselves of being The Best in their league, The Best in their state, and a topped ranked recruit! 

You will constantly here me say "NEVER LET YOUR COMPETITION OUT WORK YOU”!  Know that when you join my program I have very high expectations for you and your accomplishments.


I am constantly studying and analyzing the practice sessions and games. I ask the player to “SELF EVALUATE” their performance to teach the kicker and punter how to coach themselves to develop into a high performing player. 

I will create a yearly plan that is customized to each players strengths and weaknesses.  I develop the proper kicking and punting drills, structure a power and explosion weight lifting program, which is complemented with a diet program to build mass.  No stone is left unturned!

During the season, I will attend one of your games to assess your performance and provide feedback. Each week you will receive communications on general tips on how to prepare for a warm night game to a cold night game, to an inclement weather game. I will provide you coaching on how to conduct your pre-game warmup to how to handle stressful game situations.

Another significant attribute of the Kick It program is that I engage the parents in every aspect of our process.

 Moms and Dads attend kicking and punting practice sessions.  I ask them to retrieve balls, video record sessions for evaluation after practice, and listen in on the coaching. They then become the constant reminder to the player on their secondary training days.


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