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​Director of SVS Sports, Inc.
PA Hall Of Fame Coach 

Quarter Backs / Wide Receivers / Defensive Backs

With over 30 years of head coaching experience, Coach Jim Cantafio knows the value of a properly trained, highly skilled quarterback. Through his instruction and guidance, Cantafio has seen many of his high school quarterbacks go on to play football at the next level, including Michigan All-American and 2007 Rose Bowl Quarterbackand Miami Dolphins Quarterback Chad Henne! Coach Cantafio’s ability to develop winning quarterbacks has made him one of the most successful high school coaches on the East Coast. His coaching strategies have earned him 263 career wins at the high school level and a well-earned spot in the Pennsylvania Football Hall of Fame. Coach Cantafio is the only coach in Pennsylvania to win three district championships at three different schools in the 1990s. SVS Sports, the leader in East Coast football camps, is committed to helping develop teams and individual players to the next level of play. Sign up today for the best camp experience on the East Coast.

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SPOOKY NOOK CAMPS                   

Hosted by SVS Sports

Located just outside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Spooky Nook Sports is the largest indoor sports complex in the United States, providing 700,000-square-foot indoor facility. The Nook offers 50 acres of outdoor fields, making it a premier destination. 

Spooky Nook Sports offers football programming that features the extensive coaching experience of Football Director, Coach Jim Cantafio.

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Sports Complex

In The Net is now partnering with Kick it to provide One-Day Camps for Kickers and Punters. Each camp provides 3 hours of position-specific instruction by Coach John Zima. These camps are considered by many, as the best instructional camps on the East Coast. These camps cover the local PA counties of Dauphin, Lancaster, York, Perry, Adams, Cumberland and Lebanon county.  

Pricing for Kickers: $150 

What to Bring

  • Football

  • Spikes

  • Kicking sticks

  • Block

  • Kick off tee

One very unique offering at these clinics is a 25 minute demonstration of the proper power and explosive lifting exercises for specialist by PowerTrain. Within these segments you will receive instructions in:

  • Core/AB development and exercises

  • Stretching routines 

  • Explosive leg development

  • Fast twitch leg muscle development

Additionally, In The Net and Kick It have partnered with Select Physical Therapy, a regional health provider partner, that conducts a muscular assessment related to a specialist along with the development of a corrective strength program. The first phase of the program concentrates on a full body mechanical assessment. The sports performance trainer will evaluate the kicking and punting mechanics to identify any weakness in a players muscle structures. With that assessment, they will now build a corrective strength program to overcome the weaknesses, then develop and supervise their power and explosive development.

Initial Screening - $100 per athlete

  • Movement test

  • Fusionetics profile/app

  • Individualized exercise program 4 weeks

  • Foam roller and exercise band

Purchase Pack A

Initial Screening with Retest - $125 per athlete

  • Movement test

  • Fusionetics profile/app

  • Individualized exercise program 4 weeks

  • Retest

  • Exercise program update 4 weeks

  • Foam roller and exercise band

Purchase Package B

Preseason Prep - $225 per athlete

  • Movement test

  • Fusionetics profile/app

  • Individualized exercise program 12 weeks

  • Retest - every 4 weeks with final test at end of 12th week (3 tests)

  • Foam roller and exercise band

Purchase Package C



The premier sports performance facility in Berks County

Berks Elite Training, Inc. opened for business in June, 2013 and quickly demonstrated itself as the premier sports performance facility in Berks County.  Just 5 months after opening, B.E.T. relocated to it’s new facility now on Kutztown Road.  Sporting a 10,000 square foot space, B.E.T. has a fully equipped weight room, 120′x35′ open turf field, acceleration track, batting cage and various functional training spaces. At Berks Elite, athletes will receive all the tools necessary to improve their athletic foundation by concentrating on areas such as speed, agility,strength, power, balance, endurance and injury prevention. We understand it is not what exercises you do but HOW YOU EXECUTE those exercises that makes the difference. The Berks Elite staff is comprised of former collegiate and professional athletes or coaches with degrees in Exercise Physiology or Professional Performance Training certifications. We match our academic and athletic experiences to offer our athletes an education unlike any other in Berks County. We are very fortunate that injury prevention mechanisms and performance enhancing mechanisms coincide. This means that when our athletes train properly, with attention to form and technique as well as a focus on biomechanical functions, they’ll not only become better athletes but they’ll be less apt to injury. Lastly, our focus is your child!  Improving athleticism and self confidence in our athletes is ALL WE DO!

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Sports Performance Training & Kick It

Coordinated Health and Kick It have developed a full muscular assessment test related to the kicking. The assessment will uncover areas of need to enhance your kicking and punting performance. It includes a full muscular assessment with strength training, cardiovascular training, corrective exercise, and sport-specific drills. CH sports performance coaches develop individualized fitness plans for each athlete by considering athletic goals, musculoskeletal strengths and weaknesses, and sport-specific injury risks.

Program Specifics:

  • Full body assessment on a player in the kicking and punting motion

  • Identify mechanical weakness to be corrected via physical therapy

  • Build explosive and fast twitch kicking muscles

  • Build body mass

  • Nutrition coaching 

  • Build 1-1 lifting program via Coordinated Health, train at Coordinated Health

  • Build a virtual program

Contact Coach Zima for details and appointments with Coordinated Health 

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Performance Coach - BET