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So you want to become a better kicker or punter? Then you will need to practice the fundamentals and get plenty of reps. During a coaching session with Coach John Zima, he will meticulously breakdown your form and make changes when needed. You will then get numerous reps to commit that form to muscle memory.

Private Kicking Session $75

A private session with Coach Zima will guarantee that you will get 100% of his attention to make sure your form is perfect.

  • Each session is 1 hour

  • Covers the fundamentals of field goals, punting, and kickoffs

  • Video review of the session with feedback

  • Weekly follow up on drill work and assignments

  • Guidance on weight training, flexibility and core development

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These package offerings provide you with a complete annual  Each package includes 1-1 training sessions, video review of your K/P, weight. training programs, frequent communications for accountability and virtual coaching.  



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The Virtual Coaching Service utilizes

various video platforms to provide full coaching services.  You can achieve a quality coaching session just by using a cell phone. Cell phones can be a valuable tool.
It's possible to achieve quality coaching in a virtual setting, and this type of coaching relationship can develop long-term growth.


- Offering full coaching session via virtual coaching using applications such as Facetime, Zoom, Webx, etc.

- Provides on the field instant feedback in live coaching session

- Provides full follow up post session with video review and photo specific coaching

- Provides weekly mentoring on lifting, diet, drills, in and out of season practice plans, post game video review

HEATHER GOVE, JACOB GOVE'S MOTHER, SAND POINT HS, SAND POINT IDAHO - KICK IT VIRTUAL COACHING  -  My feedback is mostly positive with the only negative that I wish we lived closer so that Jacob could have a closer relationship with you...
Positives... as a parent of a driven athlete, I love the focus you provide for Jacob. He values your expertise and takes your advice seriously. It is exciting to see the time he puts in show results because of your coaching and direction.  Your coaching has given him goals to work for and motivation to be the best. 

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